AllTrails (Integrated)


Get people reconnected with nature by downloading AllTrails, a hiking map application.

Open the Gift

In today’s chaotic world, sometimes we forget all of the benefits that nature gives us.
The AllTrails app wants to remind you to open the gift of nature and get out on the trail.

Nature Breaks (Data-Driven Video)

Data-driven mid-roll encouraging viewers to open the gift of nature with a nature break.

GIFs of Nature (Social Media)

AllTrails takes to Twitter to share the gift of nature via GIFs of nature.


AllTrails encourages drivers to unwind after a stressful commute by opening nature.

Nature Delivered (App Functionality)

Expanded app functionality featuring geo-targeted notifications promoting users to share a piece of their hike for others to open.


After AllTrails users are prompted and opt to share nature with others, a small planting kit, in addition to a card with a selected image of the hike, will be sent and delivered to the chosen friend.


Writers: Julia Dumas, John Fish, Robert C. Smith, Art Director: Sam McKinney