Impossible Foods (Integrated)


It’s hard to change eating habits and easy to stick to foods we’re comfortable with. The challenge was to inspire families to try Impossible Foods meat-alternative products.

The First Bite

There is a comfort in food that keeps us from eating anything other than our usual. Impossible Foods believes in breaking out of your comfort zone, allowing you to eat consciously. Go ahead and take your first bite. You never know how it will spark change.

Change, Made Delicious (In-Store)

Adjusting life long habits sounds daunting, only, it doesn’t have to be.

Beer helps too. Beer makes it easier.


T-Rex Tyler (Branded Content)

 Real change starts with a new generation. Once adults were all in, a children’s book, T-Rex Tyler the Omnivore, was made for kids to read to their parents, encouraging families to talk about trying new foods, consciously.


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Hatchling’s Menu (Product Integration)

Rugrats need entertainment while out to eat. Tyler the T-Rex took to Impossible locations to do just that.

Dino-speak (Social)

Tanya Rex, Tyler Rex’s mom, fielded questions related to Impossible Foods on the “ask me anything” (AMA) section of Reddit.


Once on board, adults could share part of T-Rex Tyler’s story with others through an iMessage sticker package.