Mitsubishi Outlander Sport BE (Social)


Encourage people to consider and explore the new, cutting edge trim of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Black Edition through a VLP.

Expression is Everything

Expression is everything with the Outlander Sport Black Edition. We want owners to be sure they’re making a statement that matters. One that says they have cool, refined taste and communicates their confidence when exploring uptown, downtown and everything in between.

Taste (Teaser Posts)

A sample of the statement the Outlander Sport Black Edition makes was teased on social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, showcasing key areas of trim updates that left people talking.


Style (Reveal Posts)

First impressions were followed by a full reveal of the Black Edition as it stood out, fully unveiled, in a contrasted environment. We led interested customers to a VLP where they could explore the model further.


Exploring Limits (VLP)

Interested consumers were invited to explore our landing page featuring all updates included with the Outlander Sport Black Edition trim.

Lasting Statements (Instagram Stories)

An impression that lasted was left through our Instagram stories series encouraging our audience to say something that matters with the Outlander Sport Black Edition.