The Container Store (Integrated)


Home and storage stores are typically thought to attract over-the-top, type-A personalities. The reality is they do, but everyone else still has stuff to store too. The mission was to frame The Container Store in a way that connected with a broader demographic.

The Void

The void. We all have it. We all try to fill it with stuff. Old or new, it doesn’t matter. We buy and hold on to these things because they make us feel alive, or at least feel something. The Container Store wants to help you contain all the important, and unimportant stuff you use to fill your empty spaces. Don’t scream into the void, fill it.

Whatever Fills It (Video)

Everyone fills the void differently. Whatever fills yours will still fit in a box somewhere. Online videos explored the unique items we hold on to.

The Digital Void (Social)

Scream into the digital void as loud as you’d like, or scroll through it. The Container Store screamed back, and reminded you there is no escape. Not even online.


Void Brand (Product Integration)

We got honest about the purpose our products serve and provided packages for some specifically empty souls out there.

packages mockup

Feeling it Everywhere (Contextual Out-of-Home)

The void is omniscient, so obviously it’s outdoors too.


On Paper, It’s Still There (Print)

The products advertised in magazines are things that might make the emptiness more bearable. We just thought we’d point that out in case you need to store them.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Solution (In-Store)

In case people weren’t aware of the real reason they were there, we reminded them while they were shopping.